403 error on item delete after update to 3.6.3

System Information
  • Strapi 3.6.3:
  • CentOS 8:
  • Node 12.13.1:
  • NPM 6.12.1:
  • Yarn 1.22.10:

  • I updated the Strapi version form working v3.1.x to now broken v3.6.3

  • After the update every attempt to delete collection items or users etc. has resulted in error (An error occured during record deletion), I can also see the 403 forbidden error on browser console.

  • When in Develop mode trying to change the Content-Types the same error occures.

  • I have deleted the “.cache” and “build” folders

  • I have re-built the Admin --clean

  • I CAN add new items to Collections and new users, but not delete the added items.

Any thoughts on how should I continue to debug this situation?