500 error on login page in production

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Getting an error when I try to login to my strapi backend. Works fine in local but in production on a digital ocean server it says something went wrong and when I check the console it gives me a 500 error even though I haven’t submitted anything. Font doesn’t look same as local either.

Hi @J_D,

can you provider some logs ?

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It was a cors issue if anyone hits the same problem. I needed to add the api url to the accepted list of domains in my cors middleware.


Thank you @J_D !!

Just wasted about 3 hours trying to work out what the hell was going on! :slight_smile:

thank you :medal_sports:

Thank You, this solved it. I copied my temporary deployment link DigitalOcean gave me into middleware.js and it worked. Spent 3 hours trying to figure it out

Also don’t forget… No trailing slashes in cors
is wrong…

You need this: “http://web.com