A Strapi Developer intro to Core Web Vitals

A quality user experience is essential for the success of a site in the long run. Web Vitals help to measure the quality of a site's page experience. Moreover, as search engines continue to prioritize web performance on mobile over other devices, starting with the shift from HTTP to HTTPS (helping to prevent people from making purchases on unsecured websites) and then ranking pages with priorities given to mobile-first design, Google has made it clear that it means business in providing the best experience for users. By rewarding fast-loading sites, Google is laying out the roadmap for successful online businesses and websites. This article will take a deep dive into Core Web Vitals and how we can measure them with the necessary tools and enhance them to improve how our pages are ranked on Google.

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Hi, thanks for writing this helpful post.

However, I think there is a little mistake in the blog post.

in the section “Tools to measure core web vitals in your Strapi app”, there is a line under the image:

“Describe how the reader can run these tests with DevTools, or link to a (step-by-step) guide.”

Probably, this was a comment and wasn’t intended to be as it is in the final post.

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