Ability to add HTML widgets like numeric slider, Buttons in a Collection Type or Single type

Currently, Strapi seems to be the best headless CMS in the open source category. I am looking forward to create a website and for this there is a need for a CMS. I know Strapi offers many features out-of-the-box. What else I need is the following, I don’t know whether Strapi offers these features itself or we need plugins for the same. Kindly answer.

a. I know one can make a Component type by placing multiple fields into it and then we can place the component in an HTML page. However I need to place multiple buttons and some widgets like numeric slider. in two separate components or may be in a single component. How can I do that? The field types that Strapi supports are simple data types, how about other HTML widgets like Buttons, Drop Down, Paragraphs, Slider, or, it could be any?

b. With the numerical widget, I want to associate a formula. For this can I need to make a call to my API. Is this possible?

c. The SEO settings for a particular page may change over time. Is it possible to track the SEO settings / changes that I had specified in the past.


I explored further. Looks like we need to integrate a Page / Website builder with Strapi. Right?

Is there any feature-rich Builder that integrates seamlessly with Strapi?