About migration guide

I am upgrading my legacy strapi to stable version. I am checking the migration guide from here:

But I found here is no migration guide for beta.0 to beta.15
So, if I done the “upgrade from alpha.26 to beta”, then I can IGNORE beta.0 to beta.15.
Just need follow beta.15 to beta.16 and 16 to 17, 17 to 18 …etc, right?

Hey @techgeniuswang :wave:,

Nice to see you upgrade from the alpha version :slight_smile:.
You are exactly right about it, you can follow the same concept as described in this guide, only then with beta.0beta.15. First jump to and test beta.15, from there on you should follow the rest of the guides.

I would recommend you quickly test between migration guides, so catch problem early handed rather then on the end. Also I would like to say that spinning up a fresh project and importing your (if it isn’t a complicated) model into the new project could be a easier/better solution.

Hey @MattieBelt

Thank you for your fast reply to my question. The information was useful to me!
My application and model is a bit complex, so I have to upgrade strapi into code branch directly.
I will test application after each step, so far I have been lucky: :slight_smile:

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Good to hear :+1: , let me know if you run into any problems.
With a complicated model/app it’s indeed sometimes better to follow all the guides :slight_smile:.

Alternatively, and something I suggest for those making very large jumps, is to start with a fresh project and slowly migrate over the models and any custom code.

If you have done any admin panel modifications, it is also guaranteed they will need to be redone as much has changed over the years.

Usually what I do/recommend is utilizing the yarn strapi generate:api yourmodel test:string just to get the base file/folder structure, then swap in your model.settings.json and make any changes to it based on the migration guides. From there you can start the migrate/rewrite any custom routes/controllers/services, and finally start migrating any custom plugins/extensions

Hey @DMehaffy Many thanks for your suggestion.

I am referring migration guide to do upgrade, and made some progress, I want continue this way to complete it, But if I met blocker, I will start with a fresh project to do it :slight_smile:

I have one more question, I got 404 error when click “controller”/“services” link


Would you please help update the links

Those are old links in a alpha-to-beta migration guide referring to beta docs, not sure if they will be updated @DMehaffy?

Here are the correct links:


It’s not likely no, we will probably get rid of all the old migration guides and simply suggest a new project and provide some steps to migrate that way, need to talk to the engineering team and see what they think.

We are in the process of getting rid of the old Alpha/Beta docs so anything that links to them will also be depreciated.


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Got it, many thanks for your update :slight_smile: