Adding Cloudinary support to your Strapi Application

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In today's article, I will show you how to simply change the default upload provider of your Strapi application to Cloudinary. It is really easy and very straight forward. I will be creating a single page blog using Strapi with Cloudinary provider as our back-end and NextJS framework to build our front-end website.

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How do you restart the server?

In your article, “Make sure your Strapi server is not running at the moment of installation, you can restart it right after.” But there is no instruction how to do this and the usual commands are not available.

yarn dev is not available from the parent directory. Neither is yarn start, yarn run. It does not recognize the strapi command.

If you cd into the strapi-cloudinary directory, it then wants to recurse.

this tutorial is out of date. For those using strapi v4 , Dont install strapi-provider-cloudinary (its for v3), instead use @strapi/provider-upload-cloudinary, For Details Read me →

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thanks a lot that helped really I was struggling with this

Hello, are you able to use strapi v4 with cloudinary? I’m trying everything but without success.