Admin JWT doesn't work on Content API

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 4.1.8
  • Operating System: Big Sur (M1)
  • Database: Sqlite
  • Node Version: v14.19.1
  • NPM Version: v6.14.16

How can an admin access the content api using their JWT??

To replicate:
Login as admin (to the admin panel)
Copy jwt from one of the authenticated requests in the network tab
Use the documentation plugin (or Postman) to make a request to some content e.g.



    "name": "UnauthorizedError",
    "message": "Missing or invalid credentials",

Can you post a screenshot of your postman request?

no worries, added

Did you add the permissions to the table via Strapi admin panel for authenticated users?

yup, the logged in user in this example is a superadmin, but to rule out issues I enabled access for authenticated users as well: