Admin Panel taking too much time to load on Heroku

I’ve deployed my Strapi backend on heroku with postgress extension. but the admin panel is not loading for 10-20 minutes. whats the issue ? i am using 3.1.4

Can you please check the Heroku logs to ensure the Strapi application actually started?

Yes it has started i can see the api response. But when i am going to admin route it’s taking too long to load.

Do you have any error in the console?

Just reran my own Heroku test and it appears to be loading fine (given the initial warm up time for a sleeping application).

@DMehaffy your test app is taking too long to load like mine :cry:

Depending on when you tested it, by default on Heroku after an hour or so if they see no traffic Heroku will kill the dyno (basically the container) that is running the application. Then when new traffic is detected, it pulls the git source code and cold boots the application.

This means during that cold boot it has to spin up the Strapi server, and thus that first request is slow and once it’s booted the rest will be faster.

Beyond that, the issue could also be your distance and thus network latency from the server.

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It Makes sense. Thanks