Automatically generate html forms in frontend

Hello. I’m starting to use Strapi. I want to create a frontend app that consumes the API generated with Strapi. I want some of the content types to be directly submitted by the final users. This implies creating a HTML form in the frontend app, validating the input and sending it in json format with a POST request to the api endpoint.

I’d like this form to be generated automatically. I.e. if a strapi admin adds a new field to the content type, or changes a constraint, I want the html form and validation to change automatically, without need to modify the frontend app source code, building and deploying a new version.

Is it possible? What would be the best way of doing it? I’ve seen that there exists a documentation plugin that allows to expose the schema of the content types as an OpenAPI spec. Perhaps the frontend app could consult it and build the form from the specs. But it seems quite complicated. Perhaps there is a more straigthforward method, that is flexible enough.

Have anybody faced this situation? Thanks