Azure AD auth for Strapi admin?

Hi - I’m new here :slight_smile: I’ve set up Strapi on Azure running in an Azure Container Instance, connected to Azure Cosmos DB via the Mongo connector. It’s working fine, but now I want to ensure that only Azure AD authenticated/authorized users are allowed to access the strapi admin to post. Is this possible?

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 3.4.2
  • Operating System: strapi/base Docker image
  • Database: Azure Cosmos DB
  • Node Version: 14.15.1
  • NPM Version: 6.14.8
  • Yarn Version: N/A

We are currently working on our SSO which should be released soon, however it will most likely only be for enterprise licenses.

Hi, how did you get this to work? Im trying the same thing but with an azure PostgreSQL db. If I run my strapi starter app image without db connection it works fine. If I try to use my db it fails though, I cant seem to find any logs or anything to give me a clue as to what goes wrong… Anything you can think of that might help?

Is this for the end-user auth or for the Admin panel @LordTep

It is for admin panel. I got it worked out. My image was not updated as I thought it was so it was trying to connect to a db that didnt exist anymore in my Postgres database service… Thanks!

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