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hello, I have a big speed running problem with strapi, indeed when I try to open an article, it happens 1 to 2 seconds before the article appears. sometimes when I visit my site Welcome close | Craftsmen’s trades in 1 click ( an error appears error 504 gateway-timeout! can you help me please

From what I see, the problem is caused by your nextjs app, since It takes too long to build the content and return it to the browser. If you access your APIs directly, do they respond fast or not? You should investigate your code to understand who exactly responds so long, your nextjs framework, or the strapi’s API.

Quand j’accedes au strapi cela ce fait facilement je vais regarder du cote du framework nextjs voir , merci de votre reponse.
When I access the strapi it makes it easy I’ll look at the framework side nextjs see, thank you for your answer

Did you find solution? I’ve the same error with Strapi and Nextjs.

I have the same issue and it started yesterday April 20. It could be some nextjs issue after update… Going to investigate :wink: