Can i create admin users when they register from another app?

Hi everyone!
I am new to Strapi, but i’m very excited with this CMS.

Now i am facing a problem and i would like a little help.

I have an app where users are registered via a form. I want when a user is registered to be registered the same time also in Strapi as an Admin with a specific role (SuperAdmin, Author, etc …) .

I am searching a lot at docs and forum but i can’t find how the Admin users are created in the backend so i can integrate my app with Strapi.

a) Is it possible to have access to an endpoint or create one , such as end-users (auth/local/register), so i can send it to my other app to create the Admin users (with postman,graphql or whatever)??

b) Can i somehow integrate them by calling some admin services from Strapi to my other App??

I am here to discuss your opinions, if what i’m describing is possible to be done. If something is unclear i can explain it better ofcourse.

Thanks in Advance