Can I deploy Strapi with my uploaded blog content from local to production?

Hi guys, I have a wordpress blog which I’m looking to migrate to Nextjs. And I want to confirm if I migrate my blog content to Strapi locally and push it to git and then deploy that git strapi repo to production server, will my blog content or any content in database will be lost or will it persist?

Hello @Hritik_Bakshi and Welcome to the Strapi Community Forums :ping_pong:

So this depends how your setup is.
Technically you could migrate your data over, though I think it’s more of a manual job.
I think because it’s Wordpress you would have to copy and paste some of the data over to Strapi, and mimic the way it’s setup.

Then it depends how you are setting up your local and production server.
If you are using sqlite to let’s say Postgres or MySQL then no it won’t persists as one is a file one is an actual database, but you can dump the SQL and import it into a new database.

Some people duplicate their development database which is a Postgres/MySQL database, great if you are using cloud databases etc.

You can also use Docker :whale: I guess to run your own Postgres/MySQL database, and then dump the SQL and import it into production.

Please note that this is a manual job you have to do strapi will not do it.

Strapi on startup will check if the database exists if it’s empty it will create the standard tables for you.