Can I expose an collection entry in draft-mode in the api for a certain user

An entry not published is not exposed in the api.
Is there a way to do this for a certain user, so that the user (and only this user) can query the api for all entries, also unpublished?

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Here is an example for Mongo.

First, create a new route:

      "method": "GET",
      "path": "/findUnpublished",
      "handler": "articles.findUnpublished",
      "config": {
        "policies": []

Seconds, create a new controller function, called findUnpublished:

const { sanitizeEntity } = require('strapi-utils');

module.exports = {
  async findUnpublished(ctx) {

    //getting all the existing articles, no metter if they have unpublished status
    let result = await strapi.query('articles').model.find();
    //sanitize them to hide all private fields
    let articles = sanitizeEntity(result, {
        model: strapi.models['articles'],
    //return result to the /findUnpublished API

Now add create a new role called CanViewUnpublished (as an example) and assign access to the newly created controller: findUnpublished

And the last step, create a new user and assign that role(CanViewUnpublished ) to him.

Voila, result:


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Great, thank you!
I had to change


let result = await strapi.query('articles').find();

and it worked.

If you want to avoid creating the route/controller, you can already search for those through the API by adding this after your article →


more info here → Content API - Strapi Developer Documentation


Just FYI, the format for this has changed. To get draft content, you now append this to your query:


And if you want ONLY unpublished content, you can do this:


From Filtering, Locale, and Publication State for REST API - Strapi Developer Docs (v4 documentation)