Can I have members with multiple level access in strapi?

Here is an example to better illustrate what I have in mind: imagine a website that contains three online courses. Bob buys course number 1, Sally buys course number 2 and June buys course number 3. Each user has access only to the course they bought. In order for Bob to have access to course number 3 he has to pay for it and then Bob will have access to course number 1 and 3.

Is it possible to implement such functionality with strapi?

In this case, I would recommend to use relations, one to many (User can have many courses). So when getting the list of courses you will get only these that are in relation with the User, so you will compare the list of all your course with the list with the user’s courses. If it present there you will show it as available, otherwise you will display it as blocked.

Thanks @sunnyson I’ll look into it.