Cannot re-order items in the sidebar of strapi

We have a strapi application running and we have some areas with a few reference fields in the right hand sidebar of the CMS. Whenever we try to drag these into a new order and save them it just reverts them right back to the original order. Is this expected behavior? Is there a way to allow the dragging toggles to work and re-order these fields?


Currently order of the relation fields can’t be saved.

This is really disappointing. The number of basics that are missing that I have encountered this past few days have been high, Its wild that whenever these basics are discussed things like internationalisation have a higher priority…

I have to tell a client that they will have to order everything manually by keeping track of numbers…

Or you can try to build that feature :slight_smile:

You can create a plugin with a custom front-end that will use same content-manager APIs. Like that you can add any feature that your client wishes.

Would take a very long time - Not complaining but I have just encountered so many basic issues in strapi which are getting pushed back for cool but non-urgent features. From the docs it looks to be really full featured but found out that was not the case when the build started - Think it would be really useful to have some warning about this kind of thing in the docs.

And of course I should do my research better before using it too