Can't access starpi NODE_ENV=production

I am new to strapi, and trying to deploy on ubuntu 20.4, deployment is done but when I run NODE_ENV=production npm start it gives me my IP address which I set in the .env file with port but when i click on that URL its not working,

I am using MySQL database. My Deployment steps are

  • Download Strapi Project on my local computer (custom install to use MySQL database)
  • Set database credentials into config/database.js
  • Upload Code to Git Repo
  • Clone git code
  • Use NODE_ENV=production npm start to run

I would suggest to check that

  • Ports are open (Ubuntu uses UFW)
  • Have you connected a domain to the server, if you have make sure it’s pointing to the server
  • Make sure you use the domain in the .env and not the IP