Can't find Media files when populating

Hi everyone.

I am using Gatsby for my project. I have created a content type and added a dynamic zone where I have added a component and inside it, I have a media field, video to be precise.

But when I populate the endpoint, I can see all the other fields, except the media field.

Also, I am using GraphQL. I can’t find the media field on GraphQL, but all the other fields are just fine. What am i doing wrong?

The media file is there when I go to the upload/files endpoint.

I am adding screenshots for you to understand. Please, any kind of help is highly appreciated.

The dynamic zone is called blocks, and inside I have 3 fields.

As you can see, the text fields are appearing, but the heroBackground is missing.

I have two media files on the local server. One is an image, which I used in a blog, the other is the video file. The video file does not even appear when I query for allStrapiMedia.

It is there when I go to the /api/upload/files endpoint.

As I populate I can see the two other fields fine, but the one for media is missing.