Can't upload large video file

I had a query regarding upload video that exceed the default 200mb
I add the following to middlewares.js

formLimit: "600mb", // modify form body
      jsonLimit: "600mb", // modify JSON body
      textLimit: "600mb", // modify text body
      formidable: {
        maxFileSize: 600 * 1024 * 1024, // multipart data, modify here limit of uploaded file size

and the following to plugins.js

provider: 'strapi-provider-upload-google-cloud-storage',
        providerOptions: {
            sizeLimit: 600 * 1024 * 1024,
            bucketName: 'cms_media_bucket',

still get the error when uploading video more than 200mb
What I miss? Thanks in advance.

i would also like to know please

any progress on this?