Collection Type - Field name View modifications


Where can I modify view of the collection type field names?

Actually I’m trying to do the following modification:
If my field name contains “___” I want it to be replaced with space character in view.

Field name:

This is how my desired result should look



If this is just within the Admin panel, either in the list view or the edit view on the right hand side there is an option to “configure the view” (for the list view it’s hidden under the little gear icon).

From either of those you can adjust how the field is displayed by clicking on it and changing the name, this information is saved to the database under the core_store table/collection.


Thanks! Never noticed that you can modify these properties there.

If everything is stored in db, is it possible to set them from files (models config / extensions) during bootstrap?

As I want to migrate labels/descriptions in production automatically, because right now it seems that I should configure them manually on all environments.

I wouldn’t say from the bootstrap here, but depending on your migration process you could script the usage of the yarn strapi config:restore ... command. Just be careful about committing the dump file into source control if you are using any 3rd party auth providers are their secret keys are also stored there.

For more information about why we don’t store these in the settings files see: Troubleshooting - Strapi Developer Documentation