Common configuration file

Hi Team,

I am new to strapi. please advice about environment settings / other settings for production.

For example:
1- to hide unwanted columns using privateattributes
2- Use Cache to improve the performance
3- Use Strapi Utils and lodash
environments settings


HI Team,

please update me regarding this,. i am new to strapi, please help me



Please give us more details on what do you expect to achieve with env configs.
As I read your question more than 10x times and still don’t get it.


Sorry . Here i have 2 queries. first query is related to performance improvements and another query is related to standard configuration settings

For performance Improvements:
Right now i am hiding unwanted columns using privateattributes and i am keeping model in cache (as middle ware). do we have any other tips for performance improvements ?

Regarding configuration Settings:
I am asking about Standard (best practices) configuration Settings for server ,database, security,response,request.
For example , In Server configuration file, we will have host and port information (by default option). do we need to have any other settings ?

Is it clear now ? sorry!


Hi team,

please update me regarding this.



Do you have problems with performance? Since it is already optimized by default, but you can take a look at this video. Also, you can tweak your server/DB if you have performance issues.

No, there are no need to add other settings in server/database config files.

Related to best practices, there are no “secret” standards. Everything that we do is identical to what you see in the documentation. Just read the whole documentation and read a few tutorials from previous months.