Community Migration from Slack to Discord feedback

Note: The blog post will be released on May 18th at 7am PST in case the below link doesn’t work It’s live.

If you haven’t already please do read the migration plan blog post, we have a fairly detailed plan as to how we will migrate but are looking for feedback on what you would like to see implemented in the new Discord server.

Specifically what we are looking for (though if you have other feedback you are welcome to share that here also):

  • Should we add international channels for different languages (these most likely won’t be actively moderated if we have no one who speaks that language natively)?

  • What other help channels do you think would be useful, currently we have:

    • #strapi-backend => Strapi’s Koa.js Server help
    • #strapi-admin-panel => Strapi’s React Admin panel help
    • #database => Questions about database (optimization, queries, ect)
    • #deployment => Questions about deployment, proxy configs, security, ect
    • #frontend-* => Channels for various frontends like React, Vue, Angular, Gatsby, and “other”
  • What would you like to talk about in our fire-side chat (we are hoping to do more of these regularly, maybe bi-weekly or monthly to just hang out and talk to the community).

This below section will be for summarizing the feedback :slight_smile:


From some private feedback we have added a channel called #plugin-development and it’s related reaction role for those interested in plugin development :slight_smile:

From some feedback from users on Discord, it was difficult and was not intuitive on how to access the help channels. We have removed the reaction-role bot’s control of this and just made all of the help channels public right away.