Component Configuration - 405


I’m having a problem with my Strapi admin dashboard.

This issue happened all of a sudden, after adding a new component I’m unable to configure the view of ANY component, I get a 405 error.


[2023-08-05 13:31:28.202] http: GET /content-manager/components/wallets/configuration (131 ms) 200
[2023-08-05 13:31:33.151] http: PUT /components/wallets/configuration (2 ms) 405

On Strapi I get the error: “Warning: An error occurred”

Everything else is working fine except when I try to configure the view.

I’ve tried:

npm run build

It completes successfully, but it doesn’t fix the issue.


Just to confirm that I also got error 405 while editing the view of a component. PUT method at http://localhost:1337/components/ returns 405 Method Not Allowed

I’m also getting this error configuring the view of a component. PUT method not allowed on URL http://localhost:1337/admin/content-manager/components/banners.expertise-banner/configurations/edit

[2023-08-09 11:52:23.799] http: GET /content-manager/components/banners.expertise-banner/configuration (7 ms) 200
[2023-08-09 11:52:33.926] http: PUT /components/banners.expertise-banner/configuration (0 ms) 405

For anyone else having the same issue, this was fixed on v4.12.4:

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