Content Type created is not available after a while


We have deployed our development version of strapi in Google cloud run.
When the content Type is created, the strapi server restarts and is available for a while only.
Later during the day , the content type is not seen.
Further investigation looks like the content type folder that is created in the src/api path is no longer available due to the fact that it is deployed in a serverless (Cloud Run)

Is it possible to redirect the src/api path to the cloud storage bucket folder ?
Any help is highly appreciated



Same problem here.
Did you find a solution?
Strapi is absolutely unusable like this.

@strapi, could someone please answer here?

Hi Josef,
Unless your strapi is in a production environment, deploying in a serverless environment is no good.

As indicated in my question , when you deploy in a serverless environment the files that gets created initially is deleted. Hence the strapi deletes the entries in the database as well.

So move your deployment to a VM ( for dev env )or in your local since you have persistent storage.
Once you have all the dev done, you can then move the stuff to your production environment.

Hope this helps.