Correct path for grathql from strapi in Nuxt

Hi Guys

New to Strapi (v4) and looks like a perfect fit for what I want if i can overcome this issue

Im using nuxt as front end and my query returns fine at the top level and returns my test results

            v-for='organisation in organisations' 
         <h2> {{ organisation }}</h2>  
{ "data": [ { "id": "1", "attributes": { "name": "Organisation 1", "__typename": "Organisation" }, "__typename": "OrganisationEntity" }, { "id": "2", "attributes": { "name": "test2", "__typename": "Organisation" }, "__typename": "OrganisationEntity" }, { "id": "3", "attributes": { "name": "test3", "__typename": "Organisation" }, "__typename": "OrganisationEntity" } ], "__typename": "OrganisationEntityResponseCollection" }

But how do i just return name, I’ve tried {{ }} no error but nothing displayed, {{ }} {{ }} error cant find attribute

anyone else had this issue with Nuxt can tell me what I am doing wrong please or point me at some reading material to sort


If I change to organisation in

{{ }} it works, took far too long to figure that out though