Customize the dashboard / welcome page

can any one help on creating a plugin to do this… am new to strapi so just trying to learn about the plugins structures and logic

How does one accomplish this in v4?

patch-package would be the only way to do this in v4

With v4 for my use case I did the following dev process:

  1. I placed home page folder under extensions:
  2. created patch-admin.js under extensions folder with:
    the following logic >
    const fs = require(‘fs’);
    fs.cp(‘src/extensions/admin’, ‘node_modules/@strapi/admin/admin/src’, { recursive: true }, (err) => {
    if (err) {
  3. Add the following to package.json under scripts:
    “patch-admin” : “node src/extensions/patch-admin.js && patch-package @strapi/admin”
  4. Make mods and run patch-admin, then develop-watch(strapi develop --watch-admin) to confirm and test changes.

Not ideal but still manageable. We are using dev containers, so I will add some automation within that so rest of team is in synch as well. Free time I am playing with the admin injection and blocks to see if I can share a proposal with working POC.

Could you provide an example? After following the instructions provided by patch-package, whenever I’ve tried to do it, I keep getting this message. The specific part of the admin panel I am trying to edit is the LeftMenu component:

$ npx patch-package @strapi/strapi
patch-package 6.4.7
• Creating temporary folder
• Installing @strapi/strapi@4.3.2 with yarn
• Diffing your files with clean files
⁉️  Not creating patch file for package '@strapi/strapi'
⁉️  There don't appear to be any changes.

shoud we customize in typescript?not in javascript

See Customize the dashboard / welcome page - #19 by ptimson

yarn patch-package @strapi/@admin

Yeah thanks, it was yarn patch-package @strapi/admin that actually worked fro me.