Customizing default Strapi Admin search

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 4.14.5
  • Database: PostgreSQL


I’m trying to customize default admin search, so it would search also WYSIWYG fields placed inside Dynamic Zone components. According to found resources, i hoped that customizing route controllers or services would do the trick, if I knew the structure of the content-type, but it seems that neither of those is triggered when user searches something in the admin.

module.exports = createCoreController("api::article.article", ({ strapi }) => ({
    async find(ctx) {

So, my question is – am I doing something wrong? If yes, how can I make this work. Or is there some other way to customize search to my needs?

Thank you for answers.

PS: I’m frontend developer not very familiar with backend concepts.

the admin has its own api and own routes You would have to add a middleware into the custom route used by the WYSIWYG search