Data model for user centric app

Hi there,

I know this has come up before but let’s try and work out the best data model for this very common scenario as I know many are wondering this too.

I am creating an app where Strapi is the content management system for episode based video data. End users need to create an account and consume the content. I want to record their progress and state of completion for each episode and series. This is a super common scenario for things like courses.

Here’s my big question - which route represents the best data model, and what are the pros and cons?

  1. Do everything in Strapi, content management, user data handling and user auth
  2. Limit Strapi to content management. Do auth and user centric data in another DB (supabase)
  3. Fully decouple - Strapi content management, Auth provider, Separate user data DB

I can see that it could be convenient having everything in Strapi’s DB for data relationships, but also worry that it could be a UI nightmare when trying to manage the content in the control panel if it is trying to pull in 3,000 related “completions” from a table.


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