Database changes in multiple environments

Hi everyone.

I have a question regarding multiple environments and the database / schema changes

Lets assume this case:

  • we have 2 stages. development and production.
  • customer is working in production (can edit content only, no schema changes)
  • devs are working in development. Devs can change the schema and also content (if custoemr asks devs to add a new component and prefill it with some content)

Now the question: we have changes in production and in development. How should we “merge” these 2 databases? Any ideas? Any best practices? Maybe strapi itself can help with such a case?
Should we write a db sync script? Any other ideas?

btw: we create a full DB dump and strapi export twice a day. And we can install strapi from scratch either by importing the db dump or if the schema exists we can use the strapi exports.