Deploy and host strapi with cpanel and support for node.js

Hi everybody. Quick question that might have allready been answered. I did my research but couldn’t find anything.
I’ve built a simple app using strapi and react. I hosted strapi and the database on heroku and everything works just fine.

But still, my original goal was to host strapi and the DB on a hosting provider i use for my other projects wich provide a cpanel and support for a node.js app.

I’m positive it’s possible to host strapi with it but i can’t figure out the logic and the how behind it.
Aditionnal information => i’m french so i apologise for my poor english and i’m kinda new to web dev so i might miss something important and/or don’t understand everything at the moment.

@juleschavent did you ever find an answer to your question above?

So guys have you managed to install it on the hosting provider ?

Thanks for your support