Deploying Strapi on Azure

Strapi works with local host on my Azure Windows VM. What do I need to do to open the app to the internet? I am getting the error EADDRNOTAVAIL on my ip address. Which port rules do I need? Is there some other permission I am missing? Is it a mistake to be running this server on a vm with other processes executing? How would you deploy Strapi in Azure?

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I am also having trouble deploying Strapi V4 to Azure. I do not want to setup a Virtual machine in Azure but use a Web App maybe connecting to a container egistry (hub or azure containers).
I’ve tried deploying via a Docker container but the strapi/base image is v3.6.8 I believe so that wont work. Be really useful to get some feedback on this as I have a MySql db available in azure and want to add Strapi cms for multiple projects as its ace :slight_smile:

I have tried deploying on a Windows VM and a Linux VM on Azure and failed with the EADDRNOTAVAIL error.