DigitalOcean One-click

when i access to vps DigitalOcean ssh
i dont see any files
how to access to strapi files
and how to access to PostgreSQL
i use DigitalOcean One-click

and if i not change to production mode what is the different

Hi @a_aw

Please see the following documentation:

Please note that if you want to make changes to the Strapi codebase while it’s on the server you should change over to the service user:

It’s not recommended to use the one-click as is for production as the environment it uses by default is development. The development environment is not built to scale and it allows modifications of the model settings and fields. Due to how Node.js this requires the server to restart and any error could knock your production application offline. See the following FAQ entry for more information: Troubleshooting - Strapi Developer Documentation