Discussion regarding @strapi/provider-upload-rackspace

Hello everyone!

We wanted to start a discussion about the depreciation of one of our default upload providers: Rackspace. As some may know recently we have started to dive into fixing a very old bug in the upload plugin regarding a memory leak: Multiple Image Uploads result in memory leak · Issue #6432 · strapi/strapi · GitHub and we believe the solution to this is attempting to move from primarily buffer usage to streams instead: use streams instead of buffers by petersg83 · Pull Request #12099 · strapi/strapi · GitHub.

As part of this move we need to do a lot of testing on the providers to ensure they are working properly and unfortunately it appears that Rackspace has made it much more difficult and confusing to use their platform in the past few years: https://www.rackspace.com/.

We have seen a huge decrease in the total number of downloads and we believe the bulk of these downloads are likely from automated systems or testing platforms as we compare the v3 package to the v4 one.

Per Day 2020-01-07 to 2022-01-07:

Per Week 2020-01-07 to 2022-01-07:

Per Month 2020-01-07 to 2022-01-07:

Total Downloads over 2 years:

strapi-provider-upload-rackspace (v3 package): 31,160
@strapi/provider-upload-rackspace (v4 package): 1,963

We would like you opinion on this topic as to whether or not we should deprecate the v4 package and no longer update it. If you are a user of this package or you don’t believe that we should please do let us know. If are you are a user of the this package and would like to help us understand the best method of testing please reach out.

Should be deprecate the Rackspace upload provider?
  • Yes
  • No

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We would like to take a decision ASAP so that we can continue with the above referenced PR and merge to hopefully resolve the memory leak issues.

If we do deprecate this package we will over course let anyone take over maintainership of the package, you can find the current code for the provider here:

Sharing this as a comparison that includes graph data for AWS-S3 and Cloudinary (both v3/v4 packages):

Will go ahead and lock this thread and thus the poll as it’s pretty much universal that no one is using the rackspace provider. Thank you for everyone who participated, I believe we will eject that package into it’s own repo and archive it while also setting the package on npm as deprecated soon.