Do I need a Strapi License, when going live?

I am dev and I am new into Strapi. I took a look into the pricing sections and into the licensing section, but I am still not sure about the following: is Strapi free to use in production or the client have to pay for the license?

We have a simple blog that we need to develop (only one admin that can manage the blog posts only) and then we have a separate web app that will get the blogs via API. So I wonder: when going live, do we have to buy a license for it?

  • If we don’t have to, are there any constrains and limitations that we will face?
  • If we have to, which plan should be more suitable for this kind of app?

I am kind of confused based on the links. They are saying that it’s open-source and there are still pricing plans for a licenses, so I was not able to figure out this from the links.

Please let me know!

As far as I know Strapi is free to use, the paid license gives some benefits to Roles / limits for the Admin UI etc. If this is not needed you would not need it.