Do I need to deploy a Strapi instance for each project?

Hi everyone, I am just getting started with Strapi and have deployed a Strapi instance to start using it, but now, there is a question that is bothering me.

I have more than one project, do I need to deploy a Strapi instance for each project?

I’d like to hear what people are doing, are there any best practices?

As I am a rookie Strapi user myself I will try to help with my opinion.

I believe the short aswer and best practice to what you are asking is Yes, you need a Strapi instance for each project

Now, if you feel adventurous and if your projects are completely different you should, theoretically, create the appropriate content types for each project and then consume the corresponding data from the different API endpoints for each project. But this is only the content aspect of a project. You should consider, strapi administrators and their permissions, other features of your projects such session management, register/login of users, automated emails etc.

Is there a blocking issue for having one Strapi instance?


You don’t want to have different customers in the same Database and maybe even share the same “projects”-Table.

“Hey @lomohuang, thanks for your work but we’d like to go on with another developer. Can you please send us Sourcecode and DB-Dump of our project. Thank You!”

Thank you for your patience. You are right, besides “content”, I also need to consider user management and other aspects.

Thanks again for your answer, it’s very helpful for someone who is just starting to use Strapi.

Aha, very vivid example! Thanks for the answer, I think I now know the answer and it is totally necessary to deploy a separate Strapi instance for each project.