Dynamic logic dependency betweek fields

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 4.14.5
  • Operating System: linux
  • Database: postgres

Hey, I’ve got a question about being able to subscribe to an input field change. I’m predominantly a backend dev configuring Strapi for my company’s purposes. I’m not really experienced with React, so I may be missing some key frontend dev concepts here, but I would like to make a field behave differently depending on another field’s selection.


In my article type, I have an enum field “Language” with values English, French and German (deliberately decided to not use internationalisation to remove complexity). I want to create some sort of multi-select custom field “Countries” that would observe the changes in my language field and propose different sets of countries available for selection (and/or preselected) depending on the language. Would it be even possible to observe the value change of an enum field in a custom field?