DynamicZone different property names GraphQL vs REST

Dear Strapi Dev Community,

ive created a dynamic zone with a component with a richtext named content.
Querying the wrapping entity with GraphQL returns the components name as __typename:

 "ContentZone": [
      "__typename": "ComponentBlogContent",

Via REST GET its called __component with a different notation:

"ContentZone": [
            "__component": "blog.content",

Am I missing something? All the other values are the same.
Thanks and kind regards

Let me ping @alexandrebodin @Convly and @Pierre_Noel to see if they can provide an explanation.

alright, thanks :slight_smile:

@DMehaffy can you provide sample code of node for create api with component.

i am doing thing
Shipping_Details: [{}, {}, {}, {}, {}],
but getting error