Email Send on Forgot Password and Create New User


I’ve followed this documentation on the email plugin I’ve configured it to use Amazon SES and tested it with the send email test in the plugin. But how do I trigger it on forgot password and new user creation on the admin panel and preferably use the email templates in the users and permissions field

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Currently trying to figure this out too. It looks like it does, we just have to edit the template in the admin panel to change the email address it sends from.

Have you figured this out kindly tell me I am also facing same issue

  1. First make sure you send a post request to auth/forgot-password. Here’s how I did it.
    d21softball-frontend/login.js at main · mikecebul/d21softball-frontend · GitHub

  2. Go into the admin panel to settings/user-permissions/email-templates to setup the reset password template.

  3. Setup the nodemailer plugin. d21softball-backend/plugins.js at main · mikecebul/d21softball-backend · GitHub

  4. Have a page to link to in the automated email. I can post two links on this forum, but in my frontend GitHub page is a page called reset-password for an example.

Hope this answers your question.