Error saving data

Hello I am currently learning more about strapi I am new and I am creating a new collection for user login, my problem is that I created a controller to encrypt my password but when I want to save it I get the following error

[2021-06-09T15:52:22.871Z] error TypeError: Cannot read property ‘create’ of undefined
at Object.createUser (C:\Users\Usuario\Documents\Universidad\portafolio\portafolio-cms\api\login-user\controllers\login-user.js:18:52)

my collection is called login-users and this is my controller

module.exports = {
async createUser(ctx) {
let entity;
const {password} = ctx.request.body;
const salt = await bcrypt.genSalt(10);
const pass = await bcrypt.hash(password,salt);
ctx.request.body.password = pass;
entity = await;
return sanitizeEntity(entity, {model: strapi.modeles.login_users});

Wait, why do you need to do that? Strapi does it itself.

what happens is that when I create my login from angular and when I bring the data I want to do a password check but strapi does not return the password so I was checking the documentation and I did not find how to do it so I decided to make my own login module.