Error when running Strapi on a cPanel NodeJS application

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 4.4.6:
  • OS: CloudLinux release 7.9 (Boris Yegorov):
  • DB: MySQL:
  • Node version: 14.20.1:
  • NPM version: 6.14.17:
  • yarn version: v1.22.19:

Hi everyone,

I’m currently trying to deploy my strapi application with MySQL on a NodeJS instance in a cPanel of a Shared Hosting (not the greatest option, but that’s what I must use).

I have successfully installed all the dependencies with the yarn command and now I’m trying to run the application with yarn run develop, but I’m getting the following error:

RangeError: WebAssembly.Instance(): Out of memory: wasm memory
    at create (/home/animecli/nodevenv/
    at module.exports (/home/animecli/nodevenv/
    at /home/animecli/nodevenv/
    at Hook.eval [as call] (eval at create (/home/animecli/nodevenv/, <anonymous>:194:1)
    at Hook.CALL_DELEGATE [as _call] (/home/animecli/nodevenv/
    at Compiler.newCompilation (/home/animecli/nodevenv/
    at /home/animecli/nodevenv/
    at Hook.eval [as callAsync] (eval at create (/home/animecli/nodevenv/, <anonymous>:22:1)
    at Hook.CALL_ASYNC_DELEGATE [as _callAsync] (/home/animecli/nodevenv/
    at Compiler.compile (/home/animecli/nodevenv/
error Command failed with exit code 1.

Does anyone know how to solve the issue and correctly run the strapi application?
Do let me know if any other detail is necessary to solve the issue.

Thanks in advance,