General questions from a new dev about Strapi

Hey all,

I’m a beginner dev and for my first major task at my company, my manager asked me to look into setting up Strapi as a way to manage the content that we use for multiple client sites. I’m not completely confident in my skills so I doubt that I’ll be able to handle this completely on my own, so I am looking to acquiring one of the higher tiers of Strapi so that I can get the support I need to accomplish this task.

The goal is to use a headless CMS to manage the content we have in one central place so that if we make changes, the frontend sites that use that specific content all reflect the changes simultaneously. We currently use WordPress and have to update every site manually when we make a change to any of our repetitive content.

To that end, I have a few questions regarding some of the technical sides of Strapi. Any answers to the questions below would be a huge help:

  1. Are we able to set up a dev website where we can work on features/content and then push all that to a live website with Strapi?
  2. I see that we can create collections as content types. Are we able to further organize our collection types into folders, for example?
  3. I’ve played around with uploading media to Strapi. Is the media delivered to the frontend via a CDN?
  4. I see that there are plugins being built slowly. Is there something for image size optimization? so that we can download images at reduced sizes/resolutions?
  5. One thing that I was looking in to was multi-language support. I was informed by an employee I spoke with that it was an upcoming feature. Are we now able to load content in a different language? Can that content be pushed to the frontend when the user selects a different language? Is there a system in place for also changing the alt-text?
  6. Does Strapi have any sort of Version Control for things created and held in the backend?
  7. WordPress has a field that lets us add HTML classes to modify content on the backend. I’m not expecting Strapi to have this, but I’d still like to ask to see if it does.

I realize that this is a heavy post with questions that are all over the place. We have already decided to work with Strapi and so the answers to any of the questions above will not change our decision! Any help is appreciated.