Get a list of Admin Users?

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 3.3.4
  • Operating System: mac & linux
  • Database: postgres

Hi members!
I’m building a simple blog with Strapi and Gatsby.
But I need an author page for authors that lists the author’s posts.
I used Admin Users as a relation for authors in my Posts content-type. But, how can I get a list of Admin Users to create separate pages for each one in Gatsby? And list the posts of that user?

I can get Users (End users) in Gatsby, but I’m not sure they are suitable for this purpose.
Can anyone help with that?

For the record, I’m using the strapi-plugin-graphql plugin in my Gatsby config.

Currently, it’s not possible to query Admin users through GraphQL. I would recommend not to use Strapi’s Admin users in the frontend. A better solution would be to create an admin role in strapi-plugin-users-permissions.

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