Google App Engine ReadOnly vs plugin api documentation generation


After trying to install the plugin api-documentation, i noticed readonly errors in Google App Engine logs.
So, as Google App Engine is readonly, there is no way to get api-documentation works ?
If right, It should be mentioned in strapi documentation (deployment/google-app-engine). It makes me loose some times :wink:

I believe we have a bug with the plugin where it’s trying to regenerate on demand:

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Did you try to generate it on your development environment and push it to prod?
I think this is the best way to manage the API docs, as there should not be any changes made to the docs and the API itself on the production environment directly.

But the issue @DMehaffy linked could also be the issue for you.

I’m in production environment, i do no modifications in prod but the bug mentioned by @DMehaffy definitely blocks the global use of Strapi (500 errors) because it’s trying to generate doc on app startup.

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Yup that would be the bug then, we are working on it.

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Hey @DMehaffy any update on the bug?

AFAIK we fixed this a while ago: