Google wont index my blog using strapi

Hi everyone,

nice to meet you all. We are using strapi for our company blog. However for months, our blog posts are not indexed by Google at all.

We checked Strapi blog and found out that we need to set “preventIndexing=true” to all our blog/post.

By default it is preventIndexing=false. Do you think the problem is this with our blog?
Here is our blog URL Informasi ecommerce dan tips bisnis online | Blog Desty
Example post URL Apa Arti Store dan Perbedaan dengan Shop Disertai Contoh | Desty Blog

We just set precentindexing=true to all our blog post. Do you think it is correct?

Or there is any issue with our blog source code?

Hi kenli,

I’m guessing you are referring to this blog post when asking about preventIndexing? I think that was just an example of how to use strapi to manage the seo metadata that appears on your frontend.

From that blog post, they show:

  preventIndexing && (
      <meta name="robots" content="noindex"></meta>
      <meta name="googlebot" content="noindex"></meta>

These metatags should be implemented using your frontend framework. I recommend you look for documentation from the frontend framework on google indexing. For example, if you are using next.js, check out this resource.