Graphql adds "_" in front of params different to id

I receive

ctx.params = { _timeMin: ‘2021-05-15’, _timeMax: ‘2021-05-18’ }

Instead of

ctx.params = { timeMin: ‘2021-05-15’, timeMax: ‘2021-05-18’ }

This route use the params timeMin and timeMax to check the freebusy time in google calendar api

I try with other params, some that exists in “Cita” entity, others than do not, but in all of them graphql adds “_” before, the only exception that I could notice was with “id”, “id” always is “id” never change to “_id”

Also, I try to change it into a query instead of mutation, but the result is the same.

I don’t know if maybe it is a standard on Strapi…


Can you add your use case and all additional information you gave us on the support chat?

Thank you.

Done, I already edit the entry.

Did you fix your problem?