GraphQL AND operator on same field


I’d like to use AND opérateur on same field but don’t succeeded.
Got a collection (livres) with a field (tags). I’d like to retrieve all (livres) with tags (cadeau and anniversaire).

Does anyone get idea to do this please ?

always got this message:

"message": "There can be only one input field named \"tags\".",

example of query

   query($start: Int!, $limit: Int!) {
    where: {
        tags: {
           slug_contains: "cadeau"} ,
        tags: {
           slug_contains: "anniversaire"} ,

thanks for help.


Also try like this without success (no error, but no results too :-(]:

query($slug1: String!,$slug2: String! $start: Int!, $limit: Int!) {
  livres(where: {_where: [ { tags: { slug:$slug1 }},{ tags: {slug:$slug2 }}]}, start: $start, limit: $limit) {