GraphQL create new methods

Hello everyone I recently started working with Strapi. Tell me how to modify it/create a new method in graphql. I need to receive an article on idi, and add 4 random articles to it. The question is that I am creating this method, but graphql does not see it. I tried to create a file in extensions inside the entity folder, in config and service. Are there any examples of how this is done at all? I’ve been looking for an answer to my question for a long time, but I couldn’t find it

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I think you are using the v3 method, I’m not sure if that creating that file is still the supported method.
You should use this: GraphQL | Strapi Documentation

Did I understand correctly that I need to describe the entire implementation here?

no, the main thing you want to do is use strapi.plugin('graphql').service('extension').use(extension) in the register phase. You can write this extension whereever

A new problem, I did it and it works, there is a problem that I allowed the rights to findOne and find, but I still get the Access forbidden error

you probably have to create a permission to access this endpoint as well… easiest is to make a REST controller with the same name, so you can config it in Strapi to be public. There is no GraphQL native permissions. It always goes thru the REST permissions method