Graphql not showing

I’m trying to access graphql from http://localhost:1337/graphql but it’s not showing. My setup is working fine and I can access the website and backend admin. There are no errors. I wonder if there is any other Url for accessing graphql?

Is Strapi running in development mode? Because the playground is only available in a dev environment.

Yes, it’s in development mode.

And it has been installed via

yarn strapi install graphql


npm run strapi install graphql

? Or did you install it without the strapi command? If you did, the GraphQL plugin has not been fully registered in Strapi.

Oh I did install without strapi command. But I wonder I can still go and query and everything works fine. Only I can’t access graphql. Earlier I was able to access with a bit different URL. But now, I can’t find that URL.