Help!, can't deploy strapi cms on heroku

after deploying to heroku, it doesn’t show anything other than this

my files are here on github GitHub - slim-python/strapi-cms

Excluding any passwords, what are you environment variables in Heroku set to?

um i don’t know, i’m just following the docs, very new to this

I am experiencing the exact same issue: Strapi deployment to heroku has no error and build succeed but unable to open admin panel, have the exact same view

@Kat is your project code only on Heroku’s git or do you have it on something like GitHub also that I could look at.

@slim-python can you open the heroku website and grab a snip of your env vars

don’t worry i was able to solve it, soon i’ll make a guide on it

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@slim-python I am having the same exact issue (except mine shows the strapi logo instead of the .img placeholder), any updates on how you fixed this?

well I don’t remember exactly, try watching this video if it doesn’t help, I have the code if you want i can send you that

add /admin/auth/register-admin at the end of your url