How does horizontal scaling work?

Hey guys,

i have just started reading about strapi and i can’t wrap my head around horizontal scaling with strapi.

Specifically i do not understand how creating new content types can work in a scaled environment.

When creating a new content type JS-files for the controllers etc. are created on the local FS - how does this work with other a instances & don’t i need to check those into git / my VCS?

Sorry for the confusion, but i am currently trying to decide if strapi would be the right CMS to focus on for the next projects.

Thank you for your time!

I’m not sure if I get your question right, do you mean creating Content-Types in Production env? Or Local/Development?

For development i get it - then i would just commit the new files into the VCS and deploy the new codebase.

So more specifically my question is: Is creation of content types something you would only do during development-time or can it also be done by editors in production?

Only in development, we have the content-type builder locked out in Staging and Production environments.

For there yes you would commit into VCS and do some kind of rolling release.

Oh, thank you. It clicked now :slight_smile: I’ll give strapi a shot for our next project, really impressed with the product!

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